3/20/2015: Paper Wars Subscriptions and Mailing Addresses

Hi Compass will be mailing our 2015/2016 catalog.

If you have purchased direct we have your information if not and you would like to receive the catalog please email your name and mailing address to sales@compassgames.com.

Compass Games would like to welcome Knut Grunitz to our Paper wars team Knut will be in charged of the layout of the Paper wars starting with issue number 80. The reason for the delays in getting Paper Wars to our valued customers was the layout process. With the hiring of Knut we have solved that problem, Compass would like to thank you for your patience. We are also taking Subscriptions for the next cycle.

Issue 80 Retail 42.95 Release August 2015

SETTING SUN, RISING SUN is an uncomplicated war game centered on the naval aspects of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. The game depicts this conflict at a strategic level, with most operational and tactical details represented by fast and easy-to-play systems, rather than intricate mechanisms. Designer Stephen Newburg.


Paper Wars Issues 81-84 Subscriptions are available!
Paper Wars Subscriptions

Compass is taking subscriptions for the next subscription cycle for issues 81-84.
Publication dates: November 2015, February , May & August 2016

 GameWithout Game
Domestic $105.00 $49.00
Canada 135.00 69.00
International 155.00 89.00

Thanks for the Support

Thanks, Bill.

2/28/2015: Two New Pre Orders Available - Fatal Alliance: The Great War and Blitz! A World in Conflict

Compass Games and Australian Design Group are very pleased to announce a strategic partnership to produce both Fatal Alliance - The Great War and Blitz! A World in Conflict (formerly known as WiF Blitz), in 2015. These exciting new games are both based on the multi International award winning game World in Flames™, adding new dimensions to this fine game system.

You can read more about these two titles by clicking on the “Pre-Orders” tab at the top of this page. Both games will be released this year (that’s 2015), and some components are already being manufactured at the time this news story was published.

For the (long suffering WiFFer) – Yes, it’s been a long time coming but finally your patience is about to be rewarded. For customer privacy reasons, any pre-orders placed with ADG cannot be passed directly to Compass Games. Therefore, those who pre-ordered through ADG shall need to re-submit their order with all your current contact and card details here at the Compass Games website (you can do this by clicking on the “Pre-Orders” tab at top of this page). For those who hadn’t pre-ordered the game already, it’s not an exclusive club – so go ahead and order now.

Thank you for your continuing support for our games and we wish you and your family all the best what is shaping up to be a great year.

Ken Dingley
Bill Thomas
Harry Rowland
Compass Games and Australian Design Group


2/14/2015: Upcoming Game Updates and News

  • Enemy Action Ardennes: The rules have been sent to 10 outside proofreaders.
    Enemy Action Pre Order Page

  • April Release will be either Balance of Powers (World War 1) or War in the Wind: Battle of Attu, depending on Preorders. So get those Preorders in! We do offer pay now or pay later option on preorders through the website.
    Balance of Powers Pre Order Page
    War in the Wind Pre Order Page

  • La Bataille De France 1940 has been released. We will adding a East Front game in this series to our preorders section soon. La Bataille de France Product Page

  • In a few weeks we be announcing for preroder two new games that are actually at the printers and, depending on preorders, can be releases in the Summer of 2015. Global World War II and a Global War War I Game. Balance of Powers and the Global World War 1 are very different games you will want to own both.

Please get those preorders in for Balance in Power and War in the Wind.

1/21/2015: La Bataille de France 1940 Update

1.  Game assembly on Saturday 24th 

2.  Printer picks up games to be shrinkwrap on Monday 26th 

3. Printer delivers the shrinkwrap games back on Wednesday 28th 

4. Shipping begins on Thursday 29th


La Bataille de France 1940 recreates the events of those days and allows the players to reproduce the most famous battles of the Blitzkrieg on the Western Front. at a tactical level. Players take command of either the Allied or Axis forces (or can play solitaire) in the tactical battles of each scenario.



11/27/2014: Pre -Order now and Pay Later

In our efforts to continue to better serve our customers, we have created the ability to join in on a Pre - Order now and Pay Later! Browse our section of pre-order games, and if you'd like to pay for it now enjoy $10 off any in stock game. If you'd like to pay later, view the product's page, and you will find a button for Pre - Order and Pay Later. This will allow you to enter your credit card information, and we will charge your card two weeks prior to release of the game.

We currently have seven games available on pre-order that will ship in 2015. We will be adding five more games soon, so keep checking our site for more information! Thank you for supporting Compass Games.

This sale has ended!  Thank you to everyone who participated, and check back for our next big sale!

11/14/2014: Holiday Sale with 15%, 30% and 40% Off Select Titles!

Happy Holidays!  To celebrate and to invite our customers to enjoy the site, write reviews, and create an account we're having an amazing sale.  The following coupon codes can be used one at a time, but feel free to make multiple orders to take advantage of all the savings!  (For example, create an order using 'COMPASS15', to enjoy 15% off select titles, then create a different order using 'COMPASS30' to save 30% those titles!)

Although we do not require an account to use the coupons, create one to stay in touch with Compass Games!

"COMPASS15" will take 15% Off these titles

    • Paper Wars

    • Red Storm Over the Reich

    • No Peace Without Spain

    • The God Kings

    • Nations In Arms: Valmy to Waterloo

"COMPASS30" will take 30% Off these titles

    • Silent War

    • IJN: Expansion

    • End of Empire

    • Breaking the Chain

    • Crusade and the Revolution

"COMPASS40" will take 40% Off these titles

    • Bataan!

    • Storming the Reich

    • Steel Wolves: German Fleet Boats

    • Proud Monster

    • The War

    • Steel Wolves

    • Yalu

    • Spanish Eagles

    • Operation Skorpion

    • Price of Freedom

11/1/2014: We've launched our new home!

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Bitter Woods is now available for purchase and immediate shipping. We're still offering the game at our pre-order price, so be sure to get your order in!



10/24/2014:  Enemy Action Ardennes Update

It is occupying nearly all of our time at Compass Games, and has done so for the last few months. I have one rules booklet about 90% complete (John Foley may debate that number but it's a good faith estimate). Here is a run down on where we are at today:

Maps - artwork done. Need to be printed.

Counters - sitting in warehouse.

Box and lid - artwork done. Need to be printed and formed into boxes. This is one of the last components to be manufactured due to space considerations.

Card decks - in production right now will be in warehouse in 2 weeks

Charts and tables and play aids of which there are many - currently being laid out in final form and artwork.

Booklets - 2P rules are 90% laid out but no proofing has been done yet. Other two booklets will be worked on once 2P rules are in proofing. Once submitted, proofed, corrected, checked, rinse and repeat, they will go to press.

Best guess is something like another 8 weeks of booklet layout work followed by proof and feedback cycles, but the proof, check, feedback cycle will ultimately be the driver of the release date. It will not go to press until John B, John F and I are happy with it.

To be clear to all, Enemy Action is our number one project in all categories.

Still available at Preorder Price.